Thursday, April 14, 2011

wobc 2011

counting my days right now
nak balik kampung
after few months in jail
emotionally suffered
physically tired
so, balik kampung is a remedy
since final exam just around the corner

last sunday
Biosmarteam.. my course society had organized
yeah.. the process was hellish
but it was amazingly fun
it was very memorable

its all started a month ago
after the leadership changed
it was quite impossible at first
but we made it real guys
that's awesome

i learnt millions new things
i knew my junior
i'd seen them before.. but i didnt know they r my jr
now i know them

the day was successfully organized
syukur syukur

i have something i really remember
the night when we arranged all the meja makan
haha... tired but fun
nice to see everybody happy

cant wait for the 2nd phase of WOBC
it will be greater, bigger n better
insha allah

Thursday, April 7, 2011


tak sempat nak update anything pasal dinner last sunday...
thank god...
dah selesai satu program...
but another one is coming...

how was the dinner ???
i think it was a great experience..
to expect a flawless program???
you can expect that...
but it will never turn out real... 
*really ??? (only god knows)
biasa la kan...
kita merancang
dan tuhan yang tentukan
even grammy award yang grand gila tu pon ada cacat cela
gambar2 dinner pon tak banyak
and kawan2 lain pon tak upload lagi..
since we r too bus like a menteri
lol!!! too busy
** bajet busy je aku ni**

emcees of the nite~~ aku dan dila... good try...
even ada benda2 merapu yang kami buat... huhu
p/s: look at my lips... kena sengat tebuan.. jadi angelina jolie of the nite.. lol

to all my part 4 frens...
great job... well done...
seronok bekerjasama dengan korang...
in three weeks nak start everything from zero..
at first sounds very impossible...
biar paper work kena reject berkali2...
at last
we did it...

sikit2 gambar dinner...
internet mcm siput...
and aku pon mcm siput..
malas nak upload...

with junior part 2..
look at that tall girl... dah la tinggi tambah heels lagi...
btw, most girls mmg tinggi  mlm dinner ni... heels berinci-inci
classmates... seniors... housemates.. gangs

another big program..
world of biology conference
much harder i think
dealing with VIP, alumni
all the procedures * ridiculous
we learnt too many things..
good point!!!

hope everything will run smoothly
as we planned
as we expected
*high hope for this event 

semua sama2 penat.. nak exam lagi... aigoo..