Thursday, April 14, 2011

wobc 2011

counting my days right now
nak balik kampung
after few months in jail
emotionally suffered
physically tired
so, balik kampung is a remedy
since final exam just around the corner

last sunday
Biosmarteam.. my course society had organized
yeah.. the process was hellish
but it was amazingly fun
it was very memorable

its all started a month ago
after the leadership changed
it was quite impossible at first
but we made it real guys
that's awesome

i learnt millions new things
i knew my junior
i'd seen them before.. but i didnt know they r my jr
now i know them

the day was successfully organized
syukur syukur

i have something i really remember
the night when we arranged all the meja makan
haha... tired but fun
nice to see everybody happy

cant wait for the 2nd phase of WOBC
it will be greater, bigger n better
insha allah

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  1. mlm ms ssun kusi meja mmg sgt bes..even pnt x hengat..smpai bgn lmbt esk pgnyr..haha..~afi~


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